Guests from the Seven Seas Mariner saw in the new year in style, at the Nusa Dua Convention Centre in  Bali – a truly magical event organized and handled by the Intercruises Bali team.

Proceedings kicked off with a local priest who blessed all guests with holy water as they arrived at the venue. Dinner was served in the traditional Rajalaya way, meaning each course is served simultaneously during a Rijsstafel style parade – a unique dining concept which was originally only enjoyed by the Balinese Royal Family.

Guests were entertained throughout the evening with Kecak, Cendrawasih, Okokan and Baris Dancing while also enjoying a performance from a music ensemble comprising the traditional instrument Gamelan. There was even a very special appearance from one of the island’s top 40 bands that performed a more contemporary collection of songs for the guests.

Woodcarving and silver workshops were also available throughout the evening, which also gave the guests a fantastic hands-on insight into the island’s typical artistic and creative culture. The night concluded with a dramatic countdown to the new year, along with bursts of confetti rain and fireworks filling the skies.

Regent’s President, Jason Montague complemented Intercruises’ efforts and even shared one of the guest’s comments:

 “The festivities for the New Year’s Eve were absolutely spectacular. Far exceeded my expectations. A night I will never forget and trying to describe it is impossible. Truly magical. I doubt I will ever experience anything like this ever again…”

As you can see, the pictures speak for themselves and the night was a huge success, full of color and vibrancy. Well done and congratulations to the Intercruises team in Bali, as well as Armini, Amelia and Wiwin for all their support!