During 2018, the setup was completed for the Intercruises Digital Asset Management system (ICDAM), a cloud tool for easy storing, searching and sharing of all Intercruises digital assets worldwide, with a primary focus on destination images and videos to support shorex presentations and promotions.

This has become increasingly important as cruise lines look to enhance promotion of shore excursions by utilizing images and videos provided by tour operators. A key challenge for Intercruises is that the destination images and videos we provide to cruise lines must be rights free (i.e. not iStockphoto, Shutterstock, etc…).

Following an initial mass upload of our current library of images and videos undertaken by the Marketing & Communications Department, the system can now be accessed by all regional teams, which can upload their images and videos. >can we reword this last sentence?

ICDAM Images & Videos in Numbers
(as of 09/01/19)


  • Total: 31,750
  • Images: 27,517
  • Videos: 4,233
  • Rights Free Images & Videos: 27,414
  • Destination related: 31,858
  • Corporate: 242

Most Images & Videos by Location:

  • Continent: Europe – Over 18,000
  • Country: France – Over 9,000
  • Port: Palma de Mallorca – 1,972!


  • Australia Team has uploaded the most images – great job!  
  • “Architecture” is the most popular Tag for images, followed by “Water”
  • Over 10,000 (almost 1/3) of the images and videos are “venue” related

VIDEO – Watch ICDAM in action: Beer, Fish & Chips and a Cocktail!

If you would like more information regarding ICDAM, please contact your line manager or send an email to communications@intercruises.com