Over the last few weeks, the Intercruises North America team has been at the front line during numerous inaugurations and turnarounds for the brand new Celebrity Edge – a ship described as one of the industry’s most eagerly awaited vessels of the year.

All operations have been handled under the roof of Port Everglade’s latest addition, Terminal 25, boasting over 157,800 square feet of vast space and equipped with state-of-the-art security and technology.  While in this terminal, the Celebrity Edge is estimated to generate approximately 500,000 more travelers for Port Everglades – an impressive 14% of the projected traffic.

Terminal 25 special features include:

  • Facial recognition for speedy disembarkation and embarkation
  • Expedited Arrival Check-in (frictionless check-in)
  • The Retreat” – an exclusive lounge with roof terrace and private elevator to ship, where VIPs and suite guests can enjoy a check-in in comfort while enjoying refreshments.

Global Turnarounds Manager, Wen Ciu Lee Koo says: “This past month has been a fantastic opportunity to develop and establish these operations and terminal in collaboration with Royal Caribbean, and I’m happy to say it’s all gone very smoothly. I’m very proud of how quickly the teams have embraced the incredible new technology involved, and I have full confidence that they’ll continue to excel throughout the season, until the ship leaves for Europe in Spring 2019.”

Well done to the team involved!