Earlier this month, Health and Safety Manager, Robert Doma organized a training program in Palma de Mallorca, entitled “Persons with Reduced Mobility Training” – in accordance with the EU N° 1177/2010 regulation.

All attending trainees had previously completed the “Disability Awareness”, “Assisting Guests in Wheelchairs” and “Lift-equipped Vehicles Policy and Procedure” training programs through the online portal.  

disabled“This training session consisted of two different parts. First, I explained the theoretical part, which covered topics such as physical disabilities, mental disabilities, visual or hearing disabilities and how to specifically help people who suffer with them. Later in the afternoon, the participants took part in a two-hour practical training session where they were able to practice the concepts they had learned in the morning, such as pushing wheelchairs and learning how to help effectively. Attention toward disability is a big focus for cruise lines, and we all want to ensure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable.” – Robert Doma, Health & Safety Manager


Domink Gelada Rabiger
Ivan Gandolfo
Monika Boldt
Julia L. De Jesus Sosa
Magdalena López-Baisson López
Caroline Alejandra Zerdan
Elisabetta Bianconi
Alexandre Santos
Sonia Novo
Pablo Gutierrez Fava
Tatiana Sidander

For more information regarding this training program, or any others related to health and safety, please contact: healthandsafety@intercruises.com