Intercruises has recently launched its brand new Audiopen tour for cruise passengers in New York City. This product is currently exclusive to TUI Cruises, who was instrumental in its development and implementation.

The pen was launched to meet the demand for tours suitable for English and German-speaking guests. Intercruises hopes to roll out a similar concept into various destinations in Asia before the end of the year.

What is it?

Each guest is provided with their own audiopen and map before a tour. When the guest simply points to a location on the map that corresponds to where they are at that moment, they will hear (through the attached earphones) the relevant information in their chosen language.


  • Available in multiple languages for mixed-language buses
  • Addresses the shortage of certain language guides in certain destinations
  • Guests are able to go at their own pace, while being able to pause or repeat if necessary

Global Shore Excursion Manager, Carmen Morosan says: “This is a very exciting product and we hope the guests will enjoy the additional information they have at their fingertips.  This technology is meant to support a destination, not replace the human touch provided by the guides. It enhances guest accessibility to quality information, delivered in a constant format, in a language familiar to the guest. We are grateful for the support received from TUI Cruise’s Shorex department; their feedback and guidance throughout the project has been so helpful, as has their willingness and interest to test the tour with the TUI ships calling in New York.”

For more information regarding the Audiopen tours, contact Carmen Morosan.