A few members of the Intercruises North America team were recently given a sneak preview around the brand new Cruise Passenger Terminal 25 in Port Everglades. Known as Celebrity Cruises’ first ever brand-design cruise terminal, the spacious facility was designed to complement the sleek and modern design of the new Celebrity Edge, due to start operating from the terminal in November this year.

The terminal is set to house an improved U.S. Customs and Border Protection area, as well as a new ground transportation layout and baggage collection/processing areas. It will also boast large open spaces and the very latest in frictionless check-in and facial recognition technology.


From left to right: Elmer Neal (Operations Manager) Amy Pimentel (Operations Manager), Sandra Blair (Operations Manager), Josie Gorosabel (Senior Operations Manager).

Construction on the terminal began in July 2017, and has involved the demolition, renovation and expansion of former cruise terminals 22/24 and 25, to make one large terminal which will now be known as Cruise Passenger Terminal 25. The site is set to be finished on October 21st.

“The new terminal is not only beautiful, but very functional. We were invited to a walkthrough to get a better understanding of how it will look and what our operations there will require. As of October 21st, Intercruises will be handling all turnaround operations in this new terminal. We still have one or two more visits in the near future to see the progress and get ready for the arrival of the Edge.” – Josefina Gorosabel, Senior Operations Manager

Stay tuned for more news after the opening!