Members of the Intercruises Asia-Pacific team recently gathered in the Philippines for a three-day workshop to explore and discuss current business, as well as align on the future strategy across the region.

Day One:
Throughout the day, the teams participated in an interactive workshop, during which each country was required to present the challenges and plans for the next three-five years. They also explored and identified the certain factors that may have caused past bids to be unsuccessful for particular clients in specific destinations.


Day Two:
The second day saw the team take part in a local immersion program on the picturesque Coron Island. The day trip offered the team an authentic guest experience specific to the destination, including island hopping, snorkeling and lunch on the beach.

Trouble in paradise
Before the team were due to take their return flight back to the mainland, a German airline was forced to make a crash landing in Manila airport, causing all inbound and outbound flights to be cancelled.  Stranded on Coron Island until further notice, the team had to coordinate with the local agent and plan a different return route, which eventually meant splitting the team into groups and flying to nearby Clark airport the following day.

“Being stranded on the island for the evening was quite an incredible experience as we got to see first-hand how Intercruises staff would manage such situations. We were all so impressed with the efficiency of Darius, Errol and our local agent, who really did an outstanding job with keeping a lid on things and making sure we all felt as comfortable as possible. It made me feel very proud of Intercruises…we were just a small group….I can’t imagine the amount of pressure that would be on them for hundreds of cruise guests!”Nora Ahmad Sulhan, Regional Support Executive.

Day Three:
On the third day, the team took part in the First 1000 Days CSR program – a program, recognized by the international NGO Rise Against Hunger – that supports mothers and their young children in Manila by providing them with enough nutritional food packages to last them six months. Click here to read more.

Later in the evening, the team put on their glad rags (hats obligatory) and enjoyed a very special “Retro Glam” night of dinner and dance competitions!


Top marks for sustainable efforts…
This year, the planning team went all out to ensure the workshop was as sustainable as possible. All agendas, tickets, teasers and event documents were sent out electronically, and the team even produced their own decorative name tags by “upcycling” fallen leaves!

Great execution led by a great team!