Several members of Intercruises’ Business Process team have been awarded their Green Belt certification for the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Lean Six Sigma, for those unfamiliar with the program, is a combination of two powerful process-improvement methods: Lean and Six SigmaLean is focused on the elimination of waste (transport, inventory, motion, waiting time, etc.), and aims to increase the speed of response by reducing the speed of process. Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of output by identifying and removing causes of error and minimizing process variability.

Benefits of the methodology:

  1. Increasing efficiency: By eliminating waste in the process and improving quality, the entire process becomes more efficient
  2. Decreasing costs: Product defects can considerably increase the cost of production
  3. Increasing employee motivation: Employee motivation increases when they are more involved, as well as when they are given opportunities for development
  4. Increasing customer satisfaction: With improvements made not only to the product, but also to delivery methods and other customer-focused areas, increasing customer loyalty
  5. Increasing revenue: Revenue increases come from a more streamlined process and higher quality of product

 Phases of the methodology:

  1. Define: Define the problem and what is required to satisfy the customer
  2. Measure: Map the current process to collect data
  3. Analyze: Investigate and identify what causes the problem
  4. Improve: Implement a fix that will solve the problem
  5. Control: Sustain the improved results

In order to receive their Green Belt certification, participants were required to take a two-week course on-site and examination, as well as deliver a project demonstrating their implementation of the method to improve a specific process. We spoke to Business Process Coordinator, Tania Hernandez Sanchez about her project:

“The objective of my project was to reduce the overall time of recruiting pier staff and improve the success ratio of applicants. Before putting the method into practice, it took around twelve days to recruit a candidate, with an average success rate of 11%. After applying the framework, we were able to reduce the time to just five days, while also achieving a success rate of 49%.”

For more information regarding the Lean Six Sigma methodology or Intercruises’ business processes, please contact Business Process Manager, Cristina Palos.