Health & Safety Manager, Robert Doma, recently attended a training session organized by Kenyon International Emergency Services – a crisis and disaster management company based in Bracknell, UK.

The session explored the latest trends of best practice during a crisis, covering:

  • The different stages of crisis planning from day one to the year ahead
  • How to deal with different agencies with legal power, and how to ensure that the main agenda is taking care of the families involved (with live examples)
  • How to acknowledge the relief of  the staff who were part of the initial response and who are likely to be emotionally effected into your crisis plan
  • The role of a CEO during a crisis
  • How and why it is important to support affected families
  • The role of insurance companies & law firms
  • Case studies including the Thailand tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Grenfell tower, MH370
  • The importance of crisis communication

In addition to the training session, Robert also had the opportunity to visit the warehouse where the many belongings of past victims were stored.

“There are things that you cannot learn from books, and this was certainly a good example of that. To see and listen to people who have experienced the worst situations really hits home and turns the learning process into a reality.  This makes for an incredible learning experience and although it can be very hardhitting to hear at times, it really puts things into context and perspective.” – Robert Doma

If you would like access to any of the materials or information from the event, please contact Health & Safety Manager, Robert Doma.