Security is absolutely paramount to our business, and we go to great lengths to ensure we stay top of our game when it comes to the safety of our practice.

Recently, Intercruises Health & Safety Manager Robert Doma attended the UK Security Expo in London – an event that attracts over 10,000 security professionals alongside senior ministers and government officials from over 100 different countries.

Over two full days, the conference, staged at the Grand Hall in London Olympia, gave attendees an interactive platform to learn, explore and discuss the very latest developments in global security practice.

The main focuses this year were:

  • The complexity of risk & threat in the Major Event Environment. Risk assessing, planning in order to mitigate avoid risk. Ensuring Crowd Safety and Security at Festivals and Mass Gatherings
  • Actions to take following a crisis event – preparation, planning, and a swift response
  • The psychological effects, environmental and personal influences and catalysts affecting Insider threat
  • Insider threat overview
  • Controls and measures that can help mitigate
  • Terrorist decision making: why are you the trarget and how
  • Security of property and infrastructure

Recent events have caused our department to focus /concentrate on security. Cruise lines are increasingly focusing/questioning us on what steps we have in place in order to maximize the security of their passengers. In order to keep up with the demand, the Health & Safety Department participated (for the second year running) in the UK Security Expo, which is one of the biggest expos of its kind. It was a very informative, fast-paced and intense two days, which provided us with a lot of insights. I’m certain that the experience and the knowledge we gained will help us to implement and deliver further security measures, in order to respond to the demand that cruise lines expect.”
-Robert Doma, Health & Safety Manager

If you’d like access to any of the infomation, notes or material from the event, please contact Robert Doma here.