November 13, 2017

Introducing Quars 2.0

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Quars 2.0 – the system designed to monitor and enhance the service quality for Intercruises worldwide.

How does it work?

Following an Intercruises operation, the Local Intercruises Supervisor logs into the system to find a relevant questionnaire simply by searching for a keyword or search filter. After completing the questionnaire – which should take no longer than two minutes – the system then saves the ratings and comments in the QUARS database. The ratings are then neatly collated into global, regional and national service quality reports.


  • Internal self-audit system for Port Agency, Turnaround & Shore Excursion services
  • Operation teams complete questionnaires during every ship call to create ratings for all services
  • Makes it easier to compare Intercruises and Cruise Line ratings and helps align expectations
  • Management quickly alerted about challenging operations, enhancing follow up time
  • Helps identify operations and destinations in need of additional support
  • Web, mobile and tablet ready



  • Custom designed for each service
    Port Agency
    Shore Excursions
  • Auto generated for each operation
    Date, service and cruise brand already defined
    Ready in the system, awaiting completion
  • Maximum 6 questions in each questionnaire
    4 or 5 mandatory multiple-choice rating questions
        -1=Very Poor
        -5=Very Good
        -Non Applicable (N/A)1 optional open-comment field for additional information

Ratings, Results and Reports: 

  • All individual service ratings during a single operation are combined to create an overall score for a ship call
  • Ship call scores are combined to create average result per call, ship, port and cruise line, which can be compared with Intercruises KPIs and cruise line ratings
  • Results are displayed on Salesforce-style dashboards, which can be filtered to show individual service rating details
  • Intercruises managers can access their port ratings to analyze performance
  • Reports can be exported to excel for sharing, upon request


GP_Ramón Hurtado_2_2015“The new QUARS 2.0 system boasts some great new features as well as being much more user-friendly. It also allows us to maintain a concise database of our service quality history, which is absolutely crucial if we want to stay on top of our game in terms of the high quality of service we provide.”

-Ramon Hurtado Ramirez, Global Product and Operations Manager