We know, we know…..it’s only November, so, why are we even mentioning the holiday season? Well folks, it’s time to get the ball rolling with our annual Season’s Greetings campaign – and this time, we really need your help!

For those of you not yet familar with the app, Boomerang (Android / iOS) allows you to create gif-style loop videos, just a few seconds in length (see video below).

For the 2017 Season’s Greetings campaign, we would like you (individually, or in groups), to create the most wonderfully creative and fun Boomerangs, and send them to us before November 12th via email. We’ve already started receiving some from the regions (thank you!), however we really need to receive more if we want to make it a huge success. For inspiration, and to discover more ways you can make really cool Boomerangs, check out this video.

For full details and instructions, please read the most recent email from the Communications Department.

Thank you and have fun Boomerang-ing!