You may remember earlier in the year we shared a video of a Kuri Bay tour, created by James Coughlan (Shorex Manager Australia) with a Go-Pro camera. Little did we know how popular they’d become with our clients.

Despite a lack of editing, special effects and cinematography, these simple candid videos not only have the ability to provide clients with a visual representation of what a tour entails, they also highlight the potential challenges and complications that could arise.

Having seen what great value James’ first video brought to his clients, he dug out his Go-Pro and filmed several more! Take a look!

So, what is it that makes them so effective? Well, it’s simple really. If cruise lines are able to see the tours as if they were experiencing them for themselves, they’re in a much better position to explain the features of each tour in greater detail to the guests. This ultimately reduces the chance of potential complications and negative feedback.

Seeing as though such little effort can really go a long way, what are you waiting for?

If you want to give your excursions the boost they deserve, please get in touch with Carmen Morosan, Global Shorex Manager:, or the Intercruises Marketing & Communications Department: