We´ve been fascinated with the recent results from the Intercruises Survey 2017, and now thankfully, you can also get in on the action!

Having been compared to one of the greatest studies of Intercruises´history, this perception survey was sent out to both key cruise line contacts and the global Intercruises team, primarily focusing on the company´s services and communications.

Are we innovative?

What do people really think about our services?

And how could improve our services? 

The main objective of this survey was to get clearer understanding of how cruise lines perceive Intercruises, and compare this with how Intercruises teams believe cruise lines perceive Intercruises. Sounds complicated? It´s really not. And it certainly doesn´t take much time to read it.

Again, we´d like to thank the people that have taken their time to complete the survey, and we hope (actually, we´re sure) you´ll find the final insights an interesting read. You will have received a link to the document through your Intercruises email. If you have any trouble accessing it, please contact the Communications department: communications@intercruises.com