Maria “Mia” Priedemann, Operations & Product Supervisor Tenerife

What makes you a local?

I am totally integrated into the local way of living on the Island; almost all my friends are locals and I participate in many traditional activities – my favorite of which is the “La Romería” festivity.  Taking place in La Orotava, “La Romería” is celebrated with a parade through the city, with locals dressing in traditional outfits from folklore, dancing & singing preceded by decorated carriages while giving out wine, papas arrugadas (literally “wrinkled potatoes” that are slightly sweet local potatoes served in their skins), grilled meat and other traditional dishes to celebrate and offer gratitude for a rich harvest.

What are your first memories of this destination?

I arrived in December. It was raining cats and dogs during a storm, with huge waves smashing against the coast in Puerto de la Cruz. I was sent out to explore – so I splashed my way around the town, soaking wet and thought “Where is the sunny Tenerife that I was hoping for?” Once the storm had passed however, I was presented with a beautiful green valley that surrounded the impressive snow-covered Mount Teide.

Afterwards, I remember enjoying the hot sun on the beaches and the wonderful atmosphere of the city but still being just an hour away from the snow in the Tenerife National Park! What more could I ask for? 

Describe how Tenerife affects your senses? 

Nowhere affects the senses like Tenerife – the sound of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean hitting the rough black coast line in the north, the chirping of birds in the trees, the chattering of people joyously conversing, the clinking of wine glasses or the sound of musicians on the streets. The smells of warm of humid forests, salty sea air and the delicious aromas from local restaurants and the sights of the blue sea, lush green valleys & vivid flowers – not forgetting the always-impressive lava landscape in the National Park. 

What do you love about this destination? What would you recommend to others?

I love the climate and variations of activities to be found on the island –  beaches, water activities, hiking in lush forests, along breathtaking ravines or in the lava landscape at the foot of Mount Teide. There is also a wide range of cultural events to be enjoyed such as concerts, opera, local exhibitions, interesting museums and neighborhood fiestas, as well as the World Heritage Site – the city of La Laguna.

No trip to Tenerife is complete without sampling the many local delicacies at the “Guachinches”, which are small establishments that serve homemade wine and tapas. Of course, Tenerife is synonymous with “fiesta” (partying) and in summer there are an infinite amount of huge parties with famous DJs in the south of the island, all of which create unforgettable experiences for the younger generations!    

What makes you an expert?

I have always worked in tourism and have spent more than 25 years on this island, which has culminated in me having a deep knowledge about Tenerife. I also have years of experience working for tour operators all across the island, at the airport, as a tour guide and at luxury hotels. I know the island like the back of my hand, including the people and its businesses, which is why I know how to manage any situation, no matter how complex it is.

What do you enjoy about your Intercruises role?

The variation and the huge range of skills I get to use and practice every day; languages, knowledge, and experience. Intercruises is a company of local experts and they trust us, meaning we have the possibility to be independent and trusted in our day to day responsibilities – finding solutions, seeking new options for tours and negotiating with local suppliers. 

I work with a very professional team and we ensure we maintain a good team spirit. We also take advantage of what each of us is best at to ensure we are delivering much more than your average tour.