Intercruises is delighted to announce that it has taken the first steps to becoming a carbon neutral ground handler. Joining with, Intercruises has sponsored the development of numerous Wind Power generators in China – offsetting all emissions generated by the company’s Head Office in Barcelona – accounting for energy (electricity) consumption, waste, flights and rail travel.

The project is located in Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, China, and consists of the implementation and operation of 66 wind turbines each with a unit capacity of 750 kW. The total capacity of the project is 49.5 MW and the estimated annual electricity supplied to the grid is about 96,530MWh at the full capacity. The generated output will be sold to the North China Power Grid. The emission reductions of the project activity are estimated to be approximately 103,796 tonnes of CO2e per year by avoiding CO2 emissions from electricity generation by fossil fuels power plants.

Intercruises Carbon Footprint Certificate can be downloaded here.