As Season 7 of the biggest TV show in the world is soon released, we asked Your Local Partners about places you can visit and experiences you can enjoy in the Game of Thrones realm, including Braavos, Dothraki City, Highgarden, Winterfell, Westeros, King’s Landing and Astapor – some of which feature in the Season 7 Trailer below  *SPOILER ALERT (Seasons 1-6)*

Jon Snow in Westeros (Filmed in Zumaya, Spain – ports: Bilbao)

Filming for Season 7 saw Jon Snow on the beaches of the otherworldly Flysch Cliffs, one of the most spectacular natural areas in all of Spain, as well as the islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, which is connected to the mainland by a winding footbridge – filming for what exactly is yet to be confirmed, but both locations can be visited by guests from ships calling in Bilbao.

Khaleesi in Astapor (Filmed in Essaouira, Morrocco – ports: Agadir)

It was the year 299 AC when Daenerys Targaryen AKA Khaleesi arrived in Astapor, the infamous city of Slaver’s Bay, where people could buy armies of Unsullied, castrated male soldiers, said to be the best warriors in the Game of Thrones world. So of course, Daenerys ended up with thousands of them joining her forces! Located approximately 3 hours from the port of Agadir, Essaouira has a mystical vibe and is featured again as a setting in Season 7. The most famous scenes of Astapor were filmed on the Essaouira waterfront, which you can explore to find a watchtower surrounded by blue boats.

The Starks of Winterfell (Filmed at Castle Ward, Northern Ireland – ports: Belfast)

One of the first locations seen in Game of Thrones, with the happy Stark family and their Direwolves enjoying life, unaware that Season 1 will tear their world apart, which continues in season 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6…

Enter Castle Ward and let Intercruises immerse you in the Game of Thrones world as you walk around the grounds of Winterfell dressed in full replica attire, taking part in Archery and Falconry, as well as meeting some real life Direwolves from the local village. Finish the day with a full medieval banquet.

Dothraki City in a 4×4 (Filmed in the Desert of Tabernas, Spain – ports: Almeria)

Considered the only desert in Europe, The Desert of Tabernas is a lunar landscape that has inspired movie directors as the perfect setting for Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones, Patton and more recently Game of Thrones as the land of the Dothraki. Join Intercruises on a 4×4 drive across this unique landscape, understanding its geology, history and its role in cinematic history.

Jaime Lannister in Highgarden (Filmed in Alcazar of Seville, Spain – ports: Cadiz, Seville)

Enter the Water Gardens of Dorne, private estate of the House of Martell. Cruise guests can visit the Alcazar of Seville,a royal palace built in the 1300s, with intricate architecture and stunning gardens that are easily recognizable from the series. Seville will also appear in Season 7, with the The Roman ruins of Itálica in Santiponce near Seville becoming the site of a battle scene. The first Roman town in Spain, founded in 206 BC, Itálica was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Trajan.

Arya Stark in Braavos (Filmed in Girona, Spain – ports: Barcelona / Palamos / Roses)

Join Intercruises and explore Girona’s Jewish Quarter, with its winding alleyways, cobblestone streets and narrow archways, all of which will be familiar to Arya Stark fans as the surroundings of the House of Black & White, where she was tutored to become one of the Faceless Men and went blind, forcing her to beg on the street, which was actually the stone steps just behind Girona Cathedral. It was not just Arya who was in Girona, which also became King’s Landing for the start of Queen Margaerys walk of atonement, where Jamie Lannister rode up the steps of Girona Cathedral on horseback to help her.

Joffrey in King’s Landing (Filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia – ports: Dubrovnik)

Arguably the most famous of all Game of Thrones’ filming locations is Dubrovnik, where much of the King’s Landing footage was filmed, including the dark times when the one and only King Joffrey ruled his kingdom. Join Intercruises to see the various sites of King’s Landing, including the city walls and narrow streets where riots and fights took place during Joffrey’s rule.

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