Intercruises organized last minute transportation and accommodation for 2300 guests in Barcelona after Celebrity Constellation embarkation was delayed due to a late departure from a dry-dock, which was also handled by Intercruises.

Dry-Dock: Following a two day loading operation in Barcelona, the dry-dock took place in Chantier Naval de Marseille in France, from May 13-24. Intercruises provided a team of logistics coordinators to work as part of RCCL’s team, controlling the cargo flows from the warehouse to the ship and ensuring the distribution and location of the goods on board was quick, efficient and logical.

“For reasons beyond our control the ship left late, but our performance was more than satisfactory;  after a difficult start where the crane speed delayed the operation by almost 24 hours, we quickly recovered the time to get back to the original plan. During the exit plan we also managed to advance the off-load of a large amount of waste, reducing the pressure on Barcelona operations. A big congrats to all involved from our team.” Said Nohemi Alcaucer, Logistics Manager Mediterranean.

Go Team Embarkation: After being informed of the delay, Robert Duque, Turnaround Operations Manager Barcelona, formed a GO Team comprised of staff from the Intercruises Barcelona office, which successfully took care of guests over the weekend before embarkation on  Sunday, which was completed within four hours and enabled the ship to depart on time.

Celebrity was very happy with Intercruises performance under difficult circumstances, and thanked Intercruises for a great partnership: “Thank you so much for all that your team have done over the weekend…..we knew that we could rely on you and that meant a lot!” 

Well done to the team and a special thanks to those that helped with little notice.