Cristina Palos and Helena Croce from the Business Processes Department of the Intercruises Global Platform recently attended the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, which brought together tourism and sustainability experts from around the world to debate contrasting viewpoints during a constructive discussion on strategy for making Barcelona a more sustainable city. Taking place in Barcelona, the conference appears on the United Nations agenda in 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

“Sustainability is of ever increasing importance in the cruise industry and so we must be up to date with the latest developments. With Barcelona one of our busiest ports worldwide and a leading city in terms of sustainability, this conference further aided us in understanding how any future initiatives could impact our operations in Barcelona and other ports around the world.” Said Cristina Palos, Business Processes Manager

Conference Key Takeaways:

  • Barcelona is certified by Biosphere in Responsible Tourism through the 3 areas: Coast, Pyrenees and Landscapes.
  • Approximately 90% of carbon emissions come from air transport, so focus should be given to improving transport networks and using more sustainable options, such as trains where possible.
  • A common tourism model for Europe was debated, which would consist of:
    • European regions for sustainability
    • Increasing the capacity of the regions to influence wider European policy
    • A European fund to manage sustainable and inclusive tourism
    • European resources towards tourism.

The international conference closed with the reading of the “Barcelona Declaration” and “Barcelona Memorandum”, documents that reflect the commitments and strategic initiatives agreed to by the participants and to which all cities underline their commitment to sustainable tourism.

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