Briefly describe your job role?

I am leading the development of the Intercruises Logistics Department, which is a relatively new part of our port agency team. Our Logistics services can be categorised in four areas:

  1. Warehousing – Handling, storing and sorting cargo
  2. Customs Brokerage – Clearance of goods and customs paperwork according to the status of the cargo and local regulation.
  3. Transportation – Moving and shipping cargo by sea, air or land; often using specialist vehicles, i.e. refrigerated, out of gauge.
  4. Additional Services – Various other services such as coordination of logistics projects, insurance brokerage, equipment rentals.

I would describe my role as being like the central control tower – directing all the aspects of our service, internally with our teams and externally with our clients and suppliers. As a relatively new department, I am driving business development and continually reviewing the department structure and how we work together in multiple ports, ensuring consistency through facilitating the sharing of know-how and procedures amongst our teams.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love that it is a very dynamic job, with both strong commercial and operational sides that require me to focus on different areas; creating efficient procedures, assisting our operations teams, identifying client needs, new product development – all of this to generate new business and ensure we are helping our clients achieve their targets. Of course I also enjoy it when we successfully complete a challenging operation, such as when we shipped at 12,500kg propeller replacement across borders from Barcelona to Marseille in less than 35 hours.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

Intercruises is a very strong brand, which means that many people have a preconception regarding which services we offer and I need to change this and have clients see us as a   specialist in Logistics. This is happening thanks to some very successful operations and a high level of professional service provided by the team.

How do you interact with other areas of Intercruises?

We have a lot of synergies with our Yachts Department – both are relatively new and growing, with huge potential and we try to coordinate our parallel development, sharing valuable experience, knowledge and customers. We also have sporadic cooperation with Intercruises turnaround teams, coordinating material delivery for the terminal set-up. Also the Intercruises Global Platform has been key to growing awareness of the team as logistics experts, both internally and externally.

What is the biggest success you have had in your role?

A big success has been leveraging Intercruises’ industry knowledge and network to develop a new product and position ourselves as logistics coordination specialists in cruise Dry-Docks, which is where a ship is taken out of the water for maintenance or repair and would require services from each of the above four categories. There are very few companies worldwide currently doing this and in less than a year we have gained a full understanding of the customers’ needs and studied the competitions’ model, replicating, adapting and improving it to win new business.

What is next for the Logistics Department?

We have created a noticeable added value in a short period of time and are now being proactively approached by clients to extend our logistics collaboration to new areas, both in terms of services and location, including The Middle East, Caribbean, North America and even Asia, so there are various future directions, but what is 100% clear is that there is huge future potential in for Intercruises Logistics!

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