In September 2014, Port Agency Palma de Mallorca was awarded with “El Pliego” license from Autoritat Portuaria de les Balears to manage terminal services for the ports of Palma and Alcudia, which included a clause requiring that all processes should be certified by ISO 9001.

The Business Processes Department, led by Cristina Palos, Business Processes Manager and part of the Intercruises Global Platform, worked with the Palma de Mallorca team, including Alejandro Picos, Port Agency Manager  and Nuria Cámara, Terminal Supervisor, to implement and audit ISO processes, with certification awarded by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) in June 2015.

When awarded the “El Pliego” license in 2014, Intercruises Palma de Mallorca had two clients and 46 calls (24 transit & 24 turn). Since then the business has grown:

  • 2015: 113 Calls (27 transit & 86 turn)
  • 2016:121 Calls (40 transit & 81 turn)
  • 2017: 165 Calls (75 transit & 90 turn – projected)

The team now works with 7 clients and hopes soon to confirm two more.

While the local team must be praised for the high quality of service delivered and congratulated for growing the business, I think this is also a clear example of where the ISO certification is supporting the business and helping teams gain a competitive advantage.” Said Cristina Palos, Business Processes Manager.

Please see the updated Quality & Sustainability policies for more information on ISO Certification, or contact Cristina Palos, Business Processes Manager: