Ivan Kordić, Cruise Account Executive Croatia

What makes you a local?

Dubrovnik has a specific dialect of Croatian and I, like other locals, speak this dialect so it is quite clear who grew up in the region – even today the locals call some streets by their ancient, unwritten names in this dialect. I was born in Split, but grew up in Dubrovnik and have been living here for the last twenty years – growing up here you know all the history and there is the feeling that everyone knows each other, like a big family.

Tell us about where you live….

I now live in Nova Mokošica, an area very popular in the past for summer houses, located close to the Dubrovnik ACI Marina and Ombla, one of the smallest rivers in the world, carrying fresh water from the mountain, which actually makes the area cooler than the rest of Durbovnik. There is a breathtaking view of this area from the Dr. Franja Tuđmana Bridge, a landmark above the ship port visited by many tourists.

What are your first memories of this destination?

We have a festival called St. Blaise and I can remember from a young age the excitement in the city, with streets full of people watching the procession on the main street, Stradun. After the festivities we always enjoyed a family lunch together. I have a real feeling of home when I walk along the streets of Dubrovnik, experiencing the local traditions and festivals.

What would you recommend to others?

Dubrovnik gets most visitors during the summer – the great weather breathes life into our city walls. However, winter has become very popular, especially for TV and movie sets, including Star Wars, Game of Thrones and also the new Robin Hood movie being filmed currently (February 2017) – this makes it quite exciting to be in the city at this time and feel the “Hollywood Buzz”.  I love being able to enjoy the sea in the summer, yet still have the vibrant lifestyle of Dubrovnik with all the restaurants, bars and clubs. Dubrovnik has so much to offer and is an excellent destination to explore – no wonder it is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Do you know any local “characters”?

There is a famous Croatian singer that was born in Dubrovnik and still lives here. Every summer together with his dog he plays on the steps of the Dominican Monastery unannounced – it is an occasion all the locals look forward to.

Describe how Dubrovnik effects your senses – what will you smell, see and hear?

To experience Dubrovnik to the fullest and expose your senses to the Adriatic charm, you would need to explore the surrounding Elaphite Islands by boat and enjoy the delicious seafood of the region. If I was to compare Dubrovnik to another destination, it has a similar feel to Venice – during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic there was a great deal of trade with the Venetian Empire and they had a big influence on the architecture and lifestyle of the people of Dubrovnik, which you can feel when you walk along the pedestrian streets. 

Tell us about your role at Intercruises…

I like the dynamic work atmosphere and the excitement of the summer season – I am present for all calls in our region and together with my colleagues in neighboring cities we oversee the whole operation, striving to make every guest’s visit a memorable one. Together with our local partners, we have excellent tour organization, providing the best experience to guests in a short amount of time in port. We dedicate our time completely to the ship while in port, always ready to accommodate last minute requests and unforeseen challenges.

What is the future?

Although the future is unforeseen, I do believe I will still be in Dubrovnik in the tourism industry as this is my true passion. Last year over a million visitors passed through the City Walls of Dubrovnik and due to the increasing number of visitors each year you can expect to see some changes in the infrastructure in Dubrovnik to ease congestion.

For more information on Intercruises operations in Croatia, contact Ivan at: ikordic@intercruises.com