Lily Lim, National Manager Malaysia, Brunei & Philippines

What makes you a Local?

I was born and raised in Malaysia have an in depth understanding of its history and culture – I am a local and consider Malaysia to be a part of me and me a part of Malaysia.

Tell us about where you live…

I live on the Island of Penang in a coastal suburb called Tanjung Bungah, which means ‘ Flower Cape ‘ and is famous for delicious local cuisine – in fact, my first memory is trying ‘Cendol ‘ a famous local dessert in Penang, which consists of green jelly noodles immersed in shaved ice and mixed with coconut milk, brown sugar and kidney beans. Penang has so many fabulously unique and quirky things to see and do, full of amazing food vendors, heritage buildings very friendly locals that are proud to explain the culture and history of the island. Penang really is one of those places where a person can feel completely at home.

What do you love about Malaysia?

I can’t stop exploring Malaysia and I am almost always out somewhere to discover something new.  Malaysia is a country full of diversity; it is unique for its multiethnic population – I myself am a mixture of Chinese and Indian heritage, which is one of the three most common races in Malaysia. We also celebrate a huge variety of festivals, including:

  • Hari Raya Aidilfirtri, a Muslim celebration to mark the end of Ramadan
  • Chinese New Year, with the year of the Rooster beginning in January
  • Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights where we light up the night sky with lighting arrangement of all colours and sizes stretching across my island and the entire country

Even though we are of different races, religion and culture, we come together to celebrate, with locals opening their houses to share traditional foods –  the best you will eat all year!  The festivals celebrated in Malaysia are much more than a party, they are a way of strengthening our relationship as a community.

 Tell us about your role with Intercruises…

I have been working for Intercruises since 2008 and I am passionate about what I do, it keeps me growing and learning – “every day is a school day” – I am always discovering a new place, activity or learning about the history and local culture. The challenges I face in my job make me a stronger individual and our successes have made me feel that nothing is impossible for Intercruises. We have developed tours in destinations at which ships rarely call – small, remote Islands where the entire island population welcome this ship, its guests and crew in a celebration that I can only describe as truly awesome.

 What does the future hold for Malaysia?

Malaysia is a growing destination and we are very proud of those that have become known internationally, including Jimmy Choo the footwear designer and Nicol David, the World Squash champion, which are both from Penang Island. In the next decade our island will continue its development as a beautiful tourist destination, with more facilities, hotels and shops, but I hope and believe this will happen in a sustainable way that maintains the culture of Malaysia, Penang and the its locals.

What does the future hold for Lily?

It would be very hard from me to ever leave Penang, but if I did it would be for something completely different – I very much like the Italian lifestyle, so perhaps Rome! Howevere, realistically I think I will still be in Malaysia for the foreseeable future, sharing the country I love with people from around the world and discovering new places, things and activities that I can show off.

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