Intercruises’ 2017 marketing campaign is called Your Local PartnerS Worldwide (YLPW), which has been developed to:

  • Present some of our key local representatives
  • Reinforce our messages regarding knowledgeable local experts
  • Show the human side of our brand and its authenticity
  • Highlight some landmarks/activities that feature on our shore excursions

In case you did not already notice, the campaign is a slight alteration to the Intercruises tagline – Your Local Partner Worldwide.

Local Stories: Each month we will highlight 1-2 destinations through the eyes of our Local Partners as they tell their stories, sharing their destination experiences and recommendations. The campaign is well underway and on the Interjournal you can already read stories from…..

The main campaign is being supported by supplementary news articles linked to external events, such as Valentine’s Day. We will be asking Local Partners for relevant tour suggestions, before selecting the best options and creating an InterTimes article, which will also be posted on various digital communications channels.

Reasoning: The YLPW campaign reflects the growing demand for more authentic destination experiences, which an increasing number of cruise lines are promoting to guests, such as the Princess Local Connections campaign. Our objective is to highlight Intercruises understanding of cruise lines’ efforts and align ourselves with them as the Local Partner Worldwide. If you are familiar with shore excursion descriptions you will know that “authentic”, “local”, “in-depth” and “immersive” are very popular and through the YLPW we aim to show our teams can truly deliver these types of experiences. 

Integrated Campaign: The YLPW campaign will feature across multiple digital communication platforms, including:

LinkedIn (Adverts will go online following Seatrade Cruise Global 2017)

The campaign will also be used for print adverts, such as the two below – the smaller advert with Anne was printed in the program for the CLIA Executive Partner Conference in London during February, while the larger advert featuring Nelina, Lily and Anne will be printed in the March issue of Seatrade Cruise Review, which will be distributed at Seatrade Cruise Global 2017 (SCG17) next month. Furthermore, the campaign will be extended to our event stand graphics, focusing on the Intercruises Local Partners at the event – lookout for the post event report to view the graphics.


Any feedback (negative or positive, but always constructive) and ideas regarding the campaign is much appreciated. The ongoing fantastic support from the Local Partners means we have collected a number of great and engaging stories – but we are always welcome to receive more. If you are interested in being featured in the campaign as an Intercruises Local Partner, please send an email to