Patrice Brasse, National Manager Mauritius


What do you love most about Mauritius?

I was born in Mauritius and have great memories of spending family weekends at the beautiful Le Morne beach, famous for its huge waves and picturesque location, set against the backdrop of  Le Morne Brabant mountain. What I love most is the diversity of Mauritian culture – with no official religion,  Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists all live in harmony, which has helped develop the country’s vibrant cuisine, history and architecture, including beautiful temples, churches and mosques.


As an Intercruises Local Partner, how do you make trips to Mauritius unforgettable? 

With Intercruises we offer guests the chance to experience Mauritius as a local, discovering hidden gems like the sacred Grand Bassin Lake, which is situated in a secluded mountain area and symbolically linked to the Holy Ganges River in India.  I love my country and showing it off, with my aim being to create special memories that will last a lifetime, so that visitors will love Mauritius just as much as I do.

Your Top 3 Recommendations?

  1.  Ambience – Nowhere engages the senses quite like Mauritius: The smell of the sea and exotic spices, the sight of a spectrum of colors; red flamboyant trees, green sugar cane fields and calm turquoise sea, accompanied by the sound of the ocean waves, singing birds and Sega, our own traditional, local genre of music.
  2. Local Characters:  There is a famous local wood carver, known by the locals as PEM, that displays his craft at the Caudan Waterfront, the cosmopolitan port area. He creates unique ornaments from roots by  “listening” to their essence, before carving the roots into unique life totems.
  3. Food: A mix of creole, African, Indian and Chinese, Mauritius boasts some of the best street food in the world. I would recommend:
    1. Dholl Puri: Flat-breads filled with curried yellow split-peas
    2. Samosa: Deep fried pastry cones filled with spicy curried potatoes
    3. Sugarcane Juice: Freshly squeezed, perfect with any meal

Any new innovative products you can share with us?

Our “Journey into Local Culture” showcases Mauritius’ rich and diverse heritage, with a visit to Aapravasi Ghat, the UNESCO World Heritage colonial building that was first used as a reception point for immigrants arriving from India. The tour continues with a trip to the fascinating Chinatown district, home to  unique traditions and famous local fortune tellers. We end the day with a cooking class in a beautifully restored colonial house, learning how to prepare fantastic dishes that have roots in Creole, Indian and Chinese cuisine.



For more information on Intercruises operations in Mauritius, contact Patrice at:

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