Beijing’s Secrets – Discover a vibrant food scene & authentic local traditions

Follow the savvy backpackers to Working People’s Cultural Palace, a forgotten and hidden temple, before climbing the hill to Jingshan Park for the perfect panoramic photo. Wander Hutong’s narrow streets and join a local family making Chinese dumplings for lunch. Then go back in time at Capital Museum, followed by the Tiananmen Square flag lowering ceremony.


Back to School – Join a class or senior citizens that missed out on a high school education

Due to the Cultural Revolution, a whole generation never finished high school – now senior citizens, the Dalian government is giving them the chance to go back to school. Join a class as they learn about Chinese calligraphy, music, Tai Chi and Opera. You will not see a happier classroom, full of smiling people that remind us we should not take education for granted.


Immortal Mountain – Meet immortals and gain immortality at this natural wonder

Gaze at a natural wonder that thrusts from the sea, with low and flat ranges to the west and deep valleys and waterfalls in the east. Rich in history, Mountain Laoshan has become a symbol of religious harmony, central to legends from Taosim and Buddhism and considered by many to be the “perfect peak”. Take a moment to appreciate pure nature.


Terracotta Warriors & Great Wall – Embrace the wonders of China’s past

Discover these fantastic relics of human invention from China’s Tang & Qin dynasties. Walk along (some of!) the 6400km long Great Wall and gaze upon this unrivalled feat of engineering. Then discover one of the world’s greatest archaeological findings – the Terra Cotta Warriors; an +8,000 army of life-sized clay soldiers that are over 2200 years old, believed to bear likeness to each member of the Emperor’s personal army.

Great Wall in the morning with sunrise and colorful sky in Beijing, China.

Bali Rural Discovery – Rural adventure in the countryside of Subak Guliang

Step back by visiting locals at a traditional rural village, experiencing disappearing trades, such as blacksmithing, traditional wine-making, weaving and haberdashery . Learn local farming skills like coconut harvesting and rice planting & cultivation, before stopping a school, where you meet the local children and help them with their activities.


Kung Fu Hustle – Learn from Kung Fu Master at a traditional island fishing village in Hong Kong

Wonder at the legendary Shaolin Kung Fu as you fall into steps of the basic stances and techniques before a master practitioner, before exploring a traditional fishing village that offers a glimpse into a bygone era where locals live as their ancestors did a century ago. Embrace your inner spirituality at the Po Lin Monastery, which is home to the largest “sitting-Buddha” statue in the world.