We are delighted to announce this  winners of the Employees of the Month competition for November. Each of the  winners demonstrated excellence in Teamwork, upholding Company Standards & Policies and Customer Service:

Bridgette Cox, Pier Staff – PEV & POM

  • Teamwork: Always willing to assist, Bridgette boosts team with her pleasant demeanor and thoughtfulness, often buying the team donuts & coffee, as well as gifts to help her co-workers (e.g. buying stationary, scotch tape)..
  • Company Standards & Policies: An eye for detail, Bridgette is professional at all times and ensures that guests, vendors and workers all follow Intercruises standards & procedures
  • Customer Service: A fast learner, Bridgette is always keen to learn new systems which in turn enhances the guests’ experience at the port.

Ivette Rodriguez, Airport Meet & Greet – Miami Airport

  • Teamwork: Ivette is the right hand support of our MIA Airport Manager, Leo – and during his absence, Ivette stepped up to ensure that the MIA team was in sync (even on her days off!)
  • Company Standards & Policies: Always prepared, Ivette makes it her personal quest to ensure her team has the “Intercruises Look” – placing orders for nametags, extra scarves or ties when needed
  • Customer Service: Besides having the most positive attitude even on the worst of days, Ivette takes time to sit guests who have a problem, and often, using her connections within the industry, resolve these issues and ensures the guest leaves happy

Dalia Guerges, Airport Meet & Greet – Ft Lauderdale Airport

  • Teamwork: Dalia constantly demonstrates fantastic team work by always taking the time assist new hires or by staying late to help the supervisor for delayed flights.
  • Company Standards & Policies: A reputation for punctuality & professionalism, Dalia ensures that uniform guidelines are followed to the letter and she has all the tools needed to get the job done.
  • Customer Service:  Never without a smile on her face, Dalia is quick to offer her help to guests and handles stressful situations with professionalism and a cool demeanour.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done on the excellent work!