Intercruises were on hand to manage an emergency situation for the Pacific Princess in Nice. Intercruises was contacted by Princess Cruises and were asked to help (despite not being contracted as the official Port Agency provider in Nice) due to strong winds causing the ship hit a breakwater.

The Rescue

nicpqr14q411_jfo_paci-19318785Led by Anna Maria Maestri, Cécile Delassus and Amaury de Williencourt, the Intercruises France team began the operation of debarking 667 guests, and organising transfers while Louis Castaigne, Carolina Granes and Mathieu Coquelin worked tirelessly to identify hotels for the cruise line, utilising their knowledge and key contacts to ensure everyone had a pleasant sleep that night.

The team arranged the transportation of all the luggage to the hotels (not one piece was lost; a miracle under the circumstances) and worked round the clock to co-ordinate all the transfer shuttles to the hotels from the ship.

Homeward Bound

20161014_230936_001.jpgAs the guests aboard the Pacific Princess were due to disembark on 16th October in Barcelona, Princess Cruises asked Intercruises to organize transportation of the guests for the following day. A huge undertaking considering the short notice to source the vehicles and the length of the journey (+10hours).

Robert Duque and Destinations Services’ Virginie Serrano were integral in completing this operation; Virginie who sourced four coaches in Andorra and Robert who helped organize the return crew transfer (to meet the drivers who had stayed overnight on the outskirts of Barcelona) for 22 crew members.

The Thanks

Working as a team, Intercruises Med, France, Barcelona and DS Andorra all contributed in achieving this challenge.  This seamless coordination and professionalism did not go unnoticed, with Jan Swartz, President of Princess Cruises, reaching out to Intercruises to express her thanks:

jan20swartz_250kI would like to take a moment to thank you for the incredible effort that your team put forward during the challenges encountered by the Pacific Princess during her call to Nice last week.  We pride ourselves in delivering an unmatched experience for our guests, regardless of whether we are dealing with a predictable day at sea or a day ashore full of events.  In order to fulfill this promise to our guests, we rely on our incredible teams onboard our ships and our carefully selected partners shore side.

Your efforts throughout Friday to secure hotel rooms on such short notice in Nice and Monte Carlo, as well as the logistics of organizing the transfers of our guests to their hotels, managing their hotel experience during the evening, and providing transfers to their hotel in Barcelona on Saturday were all handled with the highest level of regard for our guests.  We are very aware of all of the potential challenges when connecting these experiences, however due to your careful attention to detail and focus on our guests, the experiences were delivered almost flawlessly.

I would particularly like to recognize Amaury de Williencourt, Louis Castaigne, Deborah Vega, and Anna Maria Maestri and the rest of the Intercruises team in Nice and Barcelona.  We truly value our partnership with Intercruises and greatly appreciate all that you do to serve the Princess guests.

Jan Swartz