“Slip through the Royal Academy of Letters of Barcelona and inspect the Royal Academy of Doctors – both closed to the public”

  • Tour Category: Exclusive
  • Guest Demographic: Adult
  • Available From: Barcelona – Spain

Highlights of the Old Quarter: Take a walk through the “other” Gothic Quarter

Royal Academy of Medicine: 300 years ago death had a different meaning to doctors, as it was part of circle of life. In this building, still preserved as it was, thousands of autopsies took place, under the clinical eye of the best doctors of the time. It was part of the regular (nowadays macabre) activities, which are still visible thanks to the photo archive.


Requesens Palace – Today the Royal Academy of Letters, dating back from the 14th Century, serves still today as meeting point for distinguished academics . The entrance is restricted and its gate will open only for you. Hidden in the Gothic Quarter it once was the biggest building in Barcelona and hides a wealth of stories, concealed to tourists.

Cocktail: Enjoy a glass of Cava (a Catalan sparkling wine)