Above Pictured (L-R): Ahmad Khan (Project Manager), Nohemí Alcaucer, Saul Gil, Johannes Schmid (Logistics Manager EMC Germany), Andress Rizzi

The Intercruises Logistics team was on hand to aid the Oceania Riviera last week when it managed the entire special request for an Antenna replacement, with an operating window of just two days (while the Riviera was docked in Barcelona. With little preparation time, the team liaised with the EMC Connected Llc (EMC: contractor charged with installing the antenna) to ensure a seamless operation. Throughout the operation, Intercruises provided:

  • A warehouse to act as a work place for engineers to assemble the new Antenna prior the arrival of the ship (one week in advance)
  • Organise reception, customs and local transport to/from the warehouse/ship for Antenna part, tools etc.
  • Arrange special customised transportation and lashing for the assembled antenna prior being sent to the cruise ship.
  • Plan and contract appropriate stevedoring and crane equipment at the terminal to offload the old antenna and load the new one.
  • Assist EMC on all special requirements and coordination.

The operation was a huge success, with acting as an intermediary between the EMC engineers and Oceania crew members, resulting in the mounting being completed in half of the allotted time.

Additionally, as a result of Intercruises performance, the EMC decided to contract Intercruises to oversee the removal of the old antenna, which included:

  • Transportation of the old Antenna back to the warehouse (for disassembly; approx. 4 days)
  • Arrange, hire and coordinate freight ship back to the US and the UK.