Serafin Blazquez will take the newly created role of Global Port Agency Manager (effective August 15th), while Wen Ciu Lee has already started in the position of Global Turnarounds Manager. Both Serafin and Wen are based in Barcelona as part of the Intercruises Global Product & Operations Team, which comprises of global representatives for each core service area, enabling more efficient identification and sharing of best practices, whilst also providing cruise line representatives with expert global contacts for all Intercruises services.


Meet the Team:

GP_Ramón Hurtado_9_2015

Ramon Hurtado, Global Product & Operations Manager:

Ramon leads our central product support team comprised of Turnarounds, Shore Excursion, Port Agency and Hotel Programs experts that oversee global delivery and service excellence, sharing best practices and becoming central operations contacts for cruise lines.


MEDU_BCN_Wen Ciu_2014

Wen Ciu Lee, Global Turnarounds Manager:

Wen is responsible for monitoring turnaround operation efficiency, delivering performance insights developing training programs, managing resources to support Intercruises global turnaround operations and implementing turnaround best practices across our regions.

GP_Carmen Morosan_3_2015

Carmen Morosan, Global Shore Excursions Manager:

Carmen is responsible for leading Intercruises shorex development globally, researching new and innovative tours, identifying shorex delivery best practices and diversifying Intercruises product portfolio to match cruise line demographics.


MEDU_MED_Serafin Blazquez_8_2015

Serafin Blazquez, Global Port Agency Manager:

Serafin is responsible for monitoring all  aspects of port agency, including logistics, crew movements, transfer visas and customs permission, managing resources to support Intercruises global port agency operations and implementing best practices across our regions.


GP_Eva Casado_5_2015

Eva Casado, Global Hotel Programs Manager:

Eva is responsible for our Global Hotel Programs as part of the Global Product & Operations team, working directly with Hotels, Cruise Lines and Intercruises in all regions.



If you have queries related to this team change, or wish to discuss any operations opportunities, please feel free to contact any member of the Global Product & Operations Team today.