Intercruises sponsored this year’s Cruise Canada New England Symposium, which was held in Manhattan and gathered a number of leading industry executives to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the region. Attending from Intercruises Maraget Zacharis, VP NY Operations and Robert Blythman, Senior Director, Shore Excursions North America.

A collaborative brainstorming session took place at the event in which attendees were assigned to tables to discuss key industry topics. Each table had pre-selected team leader (of which Robert Blythman was one) along with a pre-determined scribe (of which Margaret Zacharis was one) to assist/organize discussions and prepare the final presentation. The three topics discussed were:

  • Consumer demand ( how to build it)
  • Tourism/Revenue Development ( how to increase/optimize it)
  • Promotion/Guest Satisfaction/Region Building (how to enhance it)

Over 150 cruise line members attended the event, including David Candib, Bruce Krumrine and Colin Murphy


David A. Candib, vice president, development and operations, global port and destination development group, Carnival Corporation