Intercruises’ Cynthia Raskovsky (Operations & Product Executive Med) alongside Thomson’s Gemma Marfells and Craig Boutwood were invited for a site inspection to the Spanish city of Huelva by the local port authority. The site inspection was anticipation of Thomson’s first ever call there there (June 4th) and both Intercruises & Thomson Cruises were invited to ensure that the shorex options both the cruise industry and Thomson’s standards.

Over the two day inspection, the team visited some of the city’s highlights, including the Caravels Dock Museum, La Rábida Monastery, the Sanctuary of Cinta, El Rocío Village, the Natural Park of Doñana, the mines of Riotinto, the Castle of Niebla’s and the famous winery Andrade.

Huelva will welcome Tomson for the first time.JPG

Below is the some of the infrastructure that has been put in place by the Huelva Port Authority for their first Thomson cruise visit. .

INFORMATION AT THE PIER AND CITY: There will be Tourism Information agents at the pier, at the shuttle bus stop in the City and in different points of the City Centre in order to assist and help passengers.

INFORMATION DESK: We are available to offer the Hospitality Desk Service inside the ship in case it would be required by the vessel so guest could be informed about the destination before they depart.

WELCOMING/FAREWELL: Guest will be received in the Port by an Animation of a Local Group and Local Wine will be served in the traditional method in the city.

TENT AT THE PIER: There will be installed a Tent during the call at the exit of the Security Area so passengers will be sheltered in case they may wait or stay at the Pier.

SHUTTLE BUS AND PORT INFORMERS: The Port of Huelva will provide the Shuttle Bus Service between the Port and the city. In the shuttle buses there will be Port Informers in order to assist Passengers during the route. The service will be free for guest and crew and the route will be about 20-25 minutes