Tania Hernández Sánchez, Operations Project Assistant, worked with Intercruises North America teams for a month to oversee the next phase of the Intercruises North America Triton System Implementation.

While there, Tania provided demonstrated some of the new features of the system and oversaw training for teams on the East Coast (Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New York) and Leah Bischoff, Transportation Manager Seattle, who is a Key Triton User for the West Coast.

Training Breakdown

  • Leah Bischoff completed training on the following Modules:
    • Service Catalogue
    • Contracting
    • Manifest Import
    • Operations
  • Refresh Triton Training for the Transportation & Shorex teams
  • Triton System review with NYC Transportation & Shorex teams

Next Steps

During her time in the US, Tania gathered feedback from the Triton users on how the system could be enhanced. Additionally a survey has been sent to all Triton users to identify how the system can be improved.