A number of senior cruise executives, including Adam Goldstein, Arnold Donald and Frank Del Rio attended the 10th Edition of the China Cruise Conference last week in Shanghai to speak on  the future of the Chinese cruise industry:

Frank Del Rio, President & CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings:

Frank Del RioThere are lots of products in the market today and many of them are interpretations of what the Chinese market wants.This ship is being built specifically for the Chinese market… It will be a high-quality, high-end product, authentically Chinese,there will be other ships, if you want to have an American experience you can go on them, our ship will not be that.

Arnold Donald, CEO & President at Carnival Corporation & Carnival plc:

The main agenda for us is to show continued support for the development of the Arnold Donaldcruise industry in China. In my experience here and the conversations I have had, the demand is here. We have to connect the demand to the ships and bring in capacity. The long-term (future) looks really bright.”

Adam Goldstein, president and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises

Adam GoldsteinI’m a big believer in the growth prospects for 2020 (5 million Chinese cruise passengers). I’m not sure there is a connection between the forecasts people are making and the amount of capacity that exists to reach the forecasts. The market will continue to grow, that is obvious … I don’t think a number of 5 million (passengers) is within the realm of possibility based on the capacity that exists in the world.”