Congratulations to the UK & Ireland Shorex team, which surpassed expectations for the second year running with the AzAmazing Evening in Liverpool, as proven by the below email from the ship to the senior management of AzAmara Club Cruises UK:

On behalf of our guests onboard, the Captain, officers, staff and crew, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all your support in making the Liverpool AzAmazing Evening Unforgettable! Your team again performed to the highest standards, showing nothing less but a professional approach. The venue, event program, set up, transportation and final fireworks display made a huge impression on all guests onboard, who now go to bed thinking about their great experience this evening and perhaps  planning their next voyage with Azamara Club Cruises! I found it very necessary to commend you and your team for  all the hard work that contributed to the UK Azamara Success!

It is also worth mentioning that the senior management of RCCL Global Tour Operations (GTO) took time out to echo the sentiments of the ship:

We are appreciative of Intercruises UK&I for doing such a great job…wish I was at the event!

The ships is now en-route to Edinburgh where once again Intercruises is coordinating another AzAmazing Evening.