The first ever port terminal kiosk owned and operated by Intercruises has completed a very successful first month trading at Port Canaveral.

We are overjoyed with the results – the success of this kiosk has far exceeded our expectations

Alex Anderson, VP Operations East Coast, led this kiosk initiative in conjunction with Celeste Gladstone, VP Client Relationships and the Intercruises team in Port Canaveral.

The kiosk proposal was first presented to the cruise line clients and port authorities in early 2015 for complete transparency. Following agreement from all parties, the kiosk was sourced from a local supplier and then the Intercruises Marketing & Communications Department were contacted to define the name and branding design.

After a successful first month in Port Canaveral, the viability of replicating B4BOARDING in other ports is now being evaluated. For more information or if you know a port in which a kiosk could be viable, please contact

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  1. […] launched its first ever port terminal kiosk in Port Canaveral in May 2015, led by Celeste Gladstone, VP Client Relationships and Alex Anderson, VP Operations North America. […]

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