Intercruises teams in Barcelona have reduced the purchase of printer paper by 70% since 2011-2012 (fiscal year).

paper usage

*Note: Each ream contains 500 sheets of paper.

How Was This Achieved?

A number of actions were implemented to reduce paper consumption:

  • Sustainability awareness was promoted using posters (see below) and email communications
  • Two-sided printing was set to default on all Barcelona printers.
  • A sustainability  message was implemented on Intercruises’ email footer: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Think before you print.”.
Sustainability Poster hung above every printer in Intercruises' Barcelona offices.

Sustainability poster that is hung above every printer throughout Intercruises’ Barcelona offices.

How To Get Involved?

Would you like raise awareness about sustainability in your office? Would you like to implement these actions? Do you have other ideas to make Intercruises more sustainable? If so, please contact