March 25, 2015

RCCL GTO Workshop 2015

Global Tour Operations (GTO) is the division within Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL) responsible for Shorex Excursions for Azamara Club Cruises (AZA), Celebrity Cruises (CEL) and Royal Caribbean International (RCI). GTO consists of different departments including Marketing, Product Development, Shipboard Sales & Operations and Finance and is led by Larry Pimental, President & CEO Azamara Club Cruises. The annual RCCL GTO Workshop brings together the GTO team with their tour operators from around the world to discuss all aspects of shore excursions for AZA, CEL and RCI.

Over 20 tour operators were represented at the workshop, including Intercruises with a team comprised of:

  • Carmen Morosan, Regional Product Manager Asia
  • Deborah Vega, Product Manager Med
  • James Coughlan, Shorex Manager Australia
  • Joe Randall, Shorex Manager UK & Ireland
  • Laura Vlad, president North America & Caribbean
  • Steve Denton, Marketing & Communications Manager

The workshops consisted of presentations and round table discussions with each of the GTO departments, as well as different networking events, including an awards ceremony for the best Tour Operators according to GTO in which Intercruises received an award for Commitment to Sustainability. Key learnings from the event included:

  1. RCCL is constantly on the lookout for more unique and exclusive products
  2. Online promotion of tours is very important and RCCL’s websites have been updated
  3. New Tour Categories have been developed for the three brands
  4. High quality tour photos and videos are becoming increasingly important for tour promotion
  5. There will be a big sustainable push to have 50% of tours certified during 2015

More information on the RCCL GTO Workshop 2015 is available on Salesforce. Alternatively, contact