Intercruises’ regional product managers came together in Miami to discuss Intercruises shorex operations in each region and to gain an understanding of shorex products at a global level. The workshop began with each product manager presenting on shorex operations in their region, including their client portfolio, geographic coverage and examples of innovative excursions.

Laura Vlad, President North America & Caribbean, gave a presentation on Intercruises global shorex status, describing each region’s current bidding process and client high/low seasons. Following this, attendees engaged in a discussion to identify potential opportunities, share best practices and explore how to utilise existing tools to enhance Intercruises’ shorex operations e.g. (CRM, Triton, Shopping Programs, Bid Prioritisation, Supplier Rates and Inter-Regional Communication.

The group engaged in a number of team-building exercises, including creating towers with a marshmallows & spaghetti (click here for a demonstration) and “Draw How You Make Toast” exercise, which forces participants to think creatively (click here for a demonstration).

Going forward the team will continue to work closely together to develop Intercruises Shorex on a global level, this will include more product workshops and monthly conference calls.


Laura Vlad, President North America & Caribbean; Carmen Morosan, Regional Product Manager Asia; James Coughlan, Shorex Manager Australia, Deborah Vega, Product Manager Mediterranean; Joe Randall, Shorex Manager UK & Ireland and Stephen Denton, Marketing & Communications Manager.